Wildlife Tracking Plot - Outdoor Classroom Project

Completed Summer 2016 by Eagle Scout Eli Johnson (Troop 140 Byron IL)

Special thanks to the Lauren Townsend Memorial Wildlife Fund for funding this project.

This represents Hoo Haven’s 28th partnership with Eagle Scouts.


Outdoor Classroom Project -
Wildlife Tracking Plot

A new tool for our ‘outdoor classroom’ will help visitors learn about the animals living at Hoo Haven. The Wildlife Tracking Plot is a 20’ x 20’ rock-bordered, sheltered sandpit that is designed to provide wildlife with a place to feed, drink, and leave their tracks behind.  A series of track comparison “learning cards” are available for comparison.  This project was completed by our 28th Eagle Scout, Eli Johnson of Byron, IL- and Troop #140. We appreciate the time and effort that Eli and the scouts of Troop #140 have put into this special project! It promises to be a great asset to our education program.

Hoo Haven would like to thank the Lauren Townsend Memorial Wildlife Fund for a grant of  $1,500 that supported this project. We would like to share more about Lauren and her legacy carried on at Hoo Haven. 

Lauren Dawn Townsend survived prematurity and grew into a wonderful young woman with sLaurentrong values and a deep love for animals and nature. She excelled in academics and volleyball, becoming her high school team captain and was selected to be her class valedictorian for graduation in May 1999. She planned to attend Colorado State University on a scholarship to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a wildlife biologist. Sadly, on April 20, 1999, she was among those killed in the mass shooting at Columbine High School. Lauren’s amazing family, even in the wake of this dark and horrific event, was determined to bring something positive to the world in their “Lulu’s” memory. The Lauren Townsend Memorial Wildlife Fund was established and Hoo Haven has been very blessed to be selected to continue Lauren’s legacy and share her love for wildlife and education. It is our hope that Lauren’s spirit will be with every critter and curious human who visits this special Wildlife Tracking Plot that was built with love. Thank you Lauren and your family for this precious gift to Hoo Haven. As the Native American proverb says, “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.” Let us make tracks…together.


A Special Thanks to the Shriver Family

Thank you to the Shriver Family for the generous donation in Memory of Patricia Shriver Stewart.


A big Thank You to Rlyie

Rylie is a 5th grader who had a leadership project.  
She chose "Hoo" Haven and blessed us with paper towels, garbage bags, bird seed and so much more.

The youth sees a need and just goes for it.

Thank you so much

A big thank you to West middle school

For collecting "Pennies for Pelicans" and " Odd change for Owls."

Great Job

Thank you

To All:   Do You want to Help Mother Earth and All her creatures.....

If you would like your School, Sunday School  Class or just a Bunch of Friends  help "Hoo" Haven we would be extremely grateful.

Cal 815-629-2212 and find out what our latest needs are.


A big thank you to all the girls of Troop 119 for all the donations gave after the educational tour of Hoo.
Their questions were great and they were very enthusiastic.  Hats off to their leaders Shari and Sarah.

Hoo Haven

Thank You to Hononegah High School the Class of 2015

A Huge thank you to the Class of 2015 of Hononegah High School. They showed they are doers.
Their Student Council donated $1000 to "Hoo" Haven stating they want to show the importance of giving back.
God Bless the Student Council of the Class of 2015 of Hononegah and Mary Christoff for your support.

Hoo Haven

Kids Can Always Do It

Thank you to Ava, Kalli and Brody at LeWinn School in Lena. When they studied Great Horned Owls they made it their goal to make a difference and help "Hoo" Haven. First they wanted to volunteer but they are a little young. This did not deter them. They then decided to do a collection.
It was totally successful as they went to the hole school to ask for donations and more.
Kids always make me feel good as they do not take No for an answer or let things deter them. They know they want to help and they go for it.
Thank you Ava, Kalli and Brody and how you and your efforts affected the whole school. Hope to see you soon for volunteering.

Hoo Haven


Again thank you to all who are signing up their cards to help "Hoo". Remember you still get your discount on gas, but Schnucks will also give a percentage of your purchase to "Hoo" Haven.

Help us and show your support by going and getting a Schnucks Card. Whether you buy one candy bar or a whole cart full you are showing your support and giving with only signing up.

Go to one of the Service Desks and ask them to help you. Tell them you want to support your Mission of a Better Mother Earth and all the Wildlife and you want to give to "Hoo”.

Thank you Dr. Richard Miller for the surgery he did on Captain Jack.   Captain Jack is healing well. 

The Eagle release went fantastic.  Cameras and newspaper abounded along with many well wisher.  It always makes us feel good to know so many care

Thank you once again to Hillcrest and Dr. Mary for all the help they give us.


Thanks to Exelon we now have a program vehicle.



Topway Foods

Thank you for your continued support of our mission here at "Hoo" Haven.  You are an example of when people decide to help the differences that can be made are remarkable.  I hope you all support  Topway in their business as it is people like them that make a difference

Hillcrest Animal Hospital

Thank you to the staff and all the vets Mary, Long and Wimmer who are always willing to help us. Their expertise, caring and top notch quality care enables us to carry on with quality and pride.
The community is very lucky to have them.

Dr. Frampton

Whether it is 4-H Fair time or what will jump right in and help us. God Bless you.

McFarland Pheasant Farm

Thank you to McFarland Pheasant Farm, Ben and the whole staff for all the donations they have given us throughout the year.


Micro Specialists
Great Plains Drywall
Marks Tree Service
Thomason Machine
Electrical Union
Special Power
Crusader Clinic
Rockford Charitable Games
Cliff Breakers
MS2 Graphic
Rockford Register Star
Pacemaker in Durand
Rockton Bait Shop
Winnebago County Animal Shelter
Nick Herdklotz Thru thick and thin he always helps
Miller eye center for their continued support
Jane Landroth
The Community Foundation of Northern Illinois
Steve Menge and Family
Dr. Paul Cook
Schreck and Son
Midwest Scale
Great Plains Drywall
Crestview Farms
Country Smoke House
All the Hunters and Fisherman who share their quarry with "hoo"

 If you would like to be one of the proud "Hoo" Helpers, visit our website or call 629-2212 to see how you can help further our efforts in conservation, rehab and education.

Please as we have started to compile this very special page for thanks if I have lost a slip on you please email me with your business.  I want to include everyone and there are many.