If you would like to donate directly to "Hoo" Haven, a 501c3 tax deductable donation, feel free to use the button at the left to donate using a credit card or your PayPal account.

Thank You so much for supporting the Animals.

Karen & Steve Herdklotz


Charity Shopping
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Automatically donate 3-30% of your purchase price to Hoo Haven Inc. at 2,500+ popular online retailers like Sears (7%).

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To All Who Care

For those of you who do not know a lot about “Hoo” Haven Wildlife and Educational Center, we are the only Wildlife Facility within 75 miles.  We do over 850 mammals and birds in a year.   We are 100% volunteer and DONATION run.    Your help allows us to do more.

This has been a very busy year with vet visits, medicine, special diets and more. 

If you would like to help just hit PayPal for $5 or more.  All amounts help a lot.


If you would like to donate directly to "Hoo" Haven, a 501c3 tax deductable donation, feel free to use the button at the left to donate using a credit card or your PayPal account.

Thank You so much for supporting the Animals.

Karen & Steve Herdklotz

"Hoo" Haven and Amazon
Buy and donate all at the same time

Everytime you shop on Amazon, if you will use the following special link: www.smile.amazon.com, Amazon will donate money to Hoo.
You must use this link:  www.smile.amazon.com and  chose "Hoo" Haven as your charitable organization.
It costs you nothing and if you tell a few of your friends,  it helps "Hoo" a lot. 

Helping "Hoo" Haven Wildlife and Educational Center

Have you ever been driving and seen a hurt animal. You watch the news and see bad things. Not everyone can volunteer.

Whether you give once or you tithe every month you are helping all God's Creatures and showing that you care. Join the "Hoo" Team. Be a doer and you can help us do more. We are the only Facility in 75 miles with a surgery room, lab, aquatic area and more and it is BECAUSE of people and business like you. No one does this alone and neither does "Hoo" Haven.
Helping one animal and bird at a time.


A Big Thanks To Durand School 2015

A big thanks to the Durand Elementary kids for their donations to "Hoo" Haven. They saw a need and jumped in.
They were also great as an audience and asked so many fantastic questions.
Go Durand Elementary.



Help Hoo Haven: Shop at Schnucks and use your reward card.

Let's all help make this a fantastic year for "Hoo".
In case you are unaware: Schnucks has a red and white reward card. When you use it you get money off your gas at Mobil.
Call Schnuck or go on line and register your number for Schnuck to give a donation to "Hoo". You will still get your gas, but you will let Schnuck know you want them to support us also
All it takes is a call or to go on line with the information on the back of your card. Tell a friend, tell 2 friends it costs you nothing and helps "Hoo" Haven a lot.
See.... One Person Can Make A difference.


kevin-gia 1

Gia and Kevin

A Big Thank You to Both of You

"Hoo" Haven would like to thank Gia and Kevin.  They wanted to help "Hoo" Haven on their own and put  their heads together and set up a lemonade stand.
With perseverance and hard work they were able to raise $145 along with their own donations to show that all can help if they want to.
"Hoo" Haven loves the kids.  Not only are they the future but they do not know the meaning of the words can't. 


Again thank you both and God Bless. 

Help Hoo Haven in Many Ways

If you shop at Schuncks remember to sign your card up to give "Hoo" Haven donations.

If you shop at Zazzle and Amazon  Pick us for donations.

Your class,  Sunday School Class or any group can adopt or do a collection for Hoo. 

We thank all who have helped us and continue their support. 


Needed Items

Items Needed

• Paper Towels to help keep the facility clean.

• Ink cartridges for Lexmark to print pictures for our newsletter.
24 pound paper for the printer.

• Multi Grain Cheerios: The baby squirrels and all love them. Walnuts with or without the shells, rice baby cereal:There is a mixture that we give to babies and adolescents until they are weaned.

• Yogurt Berry Flavored Applesauce: We go thru massive amounts of those.

Any help you can give is very much appreciated. Whether once, weekly or monthly.

Have you ever wanted to help and don't know how?

You can send checks to Hoo Haven 10823 Cleveland Road Durand, IL 61024
You can bring anything to Hoo Haven always between 9 and 12/N. The volunteers would be more than happy to help you.

Thank you


"Hoo" Haven is very excited we are now official with Schnucks. Please help us raise $5000. If you do not have a Schnucks card please go to the customer service and ask for one. If you already have one you can now both follow these directions.
1. Go to the address line and type in www.schnucks.com
2. Scroll down to where it states "learn more about escript" (make sure you have gotten your courtesy card)
3. Click on learn more
4. Register card
5. This will take you to the group page where you must type in Hoo Haven
6. Select Hoo for all.
7. Fill in Mandatory red Fields
8. Follow directions from there to the end
Make sure when you shop have them scan your card so Hoo Haven receives the credit. Make sure you call 800-931-6258 or go to the Customer Service Desk to make sure you have done this accurately, to ensure Hoo receives the credit.
Thank you Lets do it and help Hoo

How Can You Help

I receive many calls asking how individuals or groups can help "Hoo" Haven, so I thought I would answer it online for all those who are interested. Those who want to help can help in many ways.


First,you must know that we are totally run by volunteers and are always looking for good, reliable individuals that would like to volunteer and make a difference. 


For all those who support us or want to support us, we are in need of the following: Paper Towels, Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, and Bird seed. We do alot of laundry and alot of dishes to keep everything clean.

Please help. You can either drop it off at Hoo any morning between 9-12 or you can drop it off to me at 4pm Crusader on Broadway. That is when I get out o f work and you will see my van with Hoo Haven written on it. If it is there I am still inside.

Thank you all.

Large Projects that groups can do:  

*Put electric in 2 buildings (some electrical skills required) which should be a one day job for each building
*Install a new roof on fox pen, should have 2-3 people and a one day job 
*Put in a 15 x 15 foot cement pad

The list always grows to keep "Hoo" in good shape for all the wildlife. 

Things you can donate for winter:

Pine cones stuffed with peanut butter
Ears of corn
Bird seed 
(all are in real need now due to winter and all the back feeding we do.) 

Small Projects that groups or individuals can do:

Squirrel houses are needed to leave with squirrel releases


One of the ways we support Hoo Haven is through doing Education Programs with live animals out in the community. If you have a school, scout group, family gathering, church group, fair, etc interested in having a live animal presentation, please call the number listed below to schedule your event.

If you see something here you would like to do or need direction for, just call 815-629-2212.  All of us at "Hoo" will be more than glad to help direct you.

In helping "Hoo" Haven you are helping all the wildlife and the communities around us. 

Thank You



Now you can buy items with the Hoo Animals on them. Shirts, Mugs, Bags and Stamps.
See them all by clicking on the Fox Below.



Now everyone can help. Take your aluminum cans to the following Behr Recycling stations in Beloit, Machesney Park, Freeport, and Rockford and say these cans are for "Hoo" and they will see to it that "Hoo" Haven receives the cash.

We are so excited that Behr wants to help "Hoo" and would like to say thank you.

So everyone get your cans and tell everyone else and collect for "Hoo".

1100 Seminary Street, Rockford
8409 N. 2nd St., Machesney Park
201 Wheeler Ave., South Beloit
1319 Highway 75 E. , Freeport


Thank you for your support

"Hoo" Haven