Bulging At The Seams

I am sure when you call  here and the machine states  we are full you might wonder what that means. 
Right now we are bulging at the seams with over 120 birds and animals.
It takes a great deal of time to care for all and do it well, considering we are 100% volunteer and donation run.    Each animal or bird must be assessed, pen cleaned, special diet and medicine   if needed.
"Hoo" does not want to be the biggest "Hoo" just wants to be the best we can be
So thank you to all for understanding. 


It is the season. Walks in the park or woods, picnics and there unbelieveable is a fawn. Yes nestled in a clump of grass, maybe behind a tree or the usual is in your back yard, garden, under the bush or like last year right next to the driveway.
We must understand deer to understand why you “leave them alone”. As we have taken up much of Mother Earth for what we state progress, animals and birds have learned to become very opportunistic to survive. And yes just like people, there are first time moms, moms not as experienced and they leave their babies where they have them. It takes a lot out of them and if they had twins it is worse. They must go eat and rest to be able to feed.
If you have ever heard a Doe calling for a baby that has been taken away it is awful. People mean well but you just can’t. 
If at 11:00PM at night you go back and the baby is there alone or you saw the mother dead then of course it must be helped and we always toake those. Otherwise leave it alone. She is probably watching and will come back. But it is not a movie and if you take it she will not come running out she will let you and then start calling.
If you have touched it do not worry. All she cares about is getting her baby back.
If you have any questions please feel free to call 815-629-2212: 


Well it is now summer and since last fall we have all had things put away, covered, stored, I think you get the point.  When we go to move them we discover the infamous bird nest.  Baby birds must be fed every 30-40 minutes and "Hoo" Haven does not have that kind of man power.  Maybe someday if we have several paid staff which now we have none or volunteers who want to do 2 hour shifts feeding only birds, then we could.  Now we cannot.  So here are my suggestions that most of the time work well.                                 
1. If possible leave the nest alone for 3 weeks until the babies are gone.

2. If that is not possible move them within several feet of where they were, the mother usually finds them.

3. the wind blew them down.  get a plastic container drill three holes in the bottom to allow the rain to go       out and put nest, babies in it and tie wrap it or nail it the nearest tree.
4. you cut a tree down and there is a nest in it .  put it in the nearest tree or bush.

If all else fails and you need to take care of them go to the other part of the web page for recipes.  When they are grown and you want to make sure they are OK, we will take them then put them in a big flight area with others and do a release once a month, then we back feed 365 days of the year.

There are no perfect solutions for things but we have had good success with this.  

Thank you all for caring and someday when we have 50 volunteers or paid staff things can change.

Director, "Hoo" Haven

Baby Season Is Here:

I am sure you have called "Hoo" Haven for help or you have found a orphaned or injured animal and need directions.  Read Carefully.

1.  Please remember that Mothers leave babies to hunt for food, etc.  Do NOT assume because an animal is alone they are orphaned.  Watch them, do not stand close and hover.  After doing all that or you see the Mother dead only then intervene.

However NEVER NEVER leave a naked baby on the ground for more than an hour, do NOT allow ants or bugs to crawl on it.  If the mother is going to come back she normally does it within 1 hr..  Pick it up and make it warm.

The one formula you can give any animal or bird is 1/2 cup of warm water, a tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt.  Stir together and give small drips.  This will bring the sugar level of the animal back up and help if it is dehydrated.

a.  Pick the baby up with gloves.
b.  Put it in a box with a towel (that has no strings as strings are death traps for babies)
c.  Keep warm, QUIET and safe.  No matter how tempting do not allow anyone to pass it around, play with it or hold it.  Remember when an animal is very quiet it does not mean it likes what you are doing.  It can mean many different things one of it is scared to death.
d.  Call "Hoo"  815-629-2212.  Please remember all calls are made at 6am or after 6pm.  Do Not Panick.  If the animal is going to make it it will be fine.


Please remember everyone has rabbits in their back yards.  It just IS.  Mother Rabbits leave the nest at around 6am and do NOT return until 7 or 8PM at night.  Also she is not coming back if you are standing there.

a.  Mow around them
b.  Put a wheel barrel over the nest.  this allows mother to go in and a message for others to stay out.
c.  If you disturb the nest, put everything back as is.  
d.  If the children have touched them.  Put them back and use this as a learning leave Mother nature alone.
e.  Rabbits leave the nest at 21 days old.  Stand in the backyard with the dogs while they are out to keep them away.  Show the kids you care about all God's Creature.  

Rabbits at best without the mother have an average success rate of 50%.  If you want to help them leave them alone.  ONLY, ONLY if the mother is dead referr to the upper page and call.

Birds of Prey

Birds of prey should never be on the ground for hours.  If this occurs there is usually something wrong.   Using a heavy winter coat, heavy bath towel or fishing net is a nice way to get them and then put them in a carrier, box or laundry basket.  Keep them quiet and CALL....

If you have any questions you can email or call.  Enjoy the season and know you are part of making Mother Earth a Better Place for all to live.  After all None of us own it, we only rent it while we are here.  Make it count.
Please remember we are all living where animals all once lived.  We must live together.  When you do this you will see a beauty you never thought possible.

"Hoo Haven

The reality of rehabilitating animals

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