Well it is now summer and since last fall we have all had things put away, covered, stored, I think you get the point.  When we go to move them we discover the infamous bird nest.  Baby birds must be fed every 30-40 minutes and "Hoo" Haven does not have that kind of man power.  Maybe someday if we have several paid staff which now we have none or volunteers who want to do 2 hour shifts feeding only birds, then we could.  Now we cannot.  So here are my suggestions that most of the time work well.                                 
1. If possible leave the nest alone for 3 weeks until the babies are gone.

2. If that is not possible move them within several feet of where they were, the mother usually finds them.

3. the wind blew them down.  get a plastic container drill three holes in the bottom to allow the rain to go       out and put nest, babies in it and tie wrap it or nail it the nearest tree. 
4. you cut a tree down and there is a nest in it .  put it in the nearest tree or bush. 

If all else fails and you need to take care of them go to the other part of the web page for recipes.  When they are grown and you want to make sure they are OK, we will take them then put them in a big flight area with others and do a release once a month, then we back feed 365 days of the year.

There are no perfect solutions for things but we have had good success with this.  

Thank you all for caring and someday when we have 50 volunteers or paid staff things can change.

Director, "Hoo" Haven



Yes the season has been very busy which is why this page is delayed. All the rules have not changed as far as how to "Rescue a Baby Bird" which you will find below.

Please remember that birds do not leave the nest flying but end up on the ground as Fledglings. At that time mom and dad are showing them how to find food, and they are learning the Art of Flying. Please if at all possible leave them alone. I wish we could protect them all from the cats that people do not keep in their house, or the strays or those who let them have litters instead of spaying or neutering but until then we have to hope Mother Nautre will watch out for them.

If after all of that you decide they need to be rescued follow the instructions for "Rescuing A Bird" and then:

Keep it warm. Birds by nature have a body temperature that is very warm and must be kept out of drafts including air conditioners.

Do not allow anyone to handle or play with it or have it near pets. They can get stressed out and die.

Make a solution of 1 cup warm water, 1 tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt. Stir well and drip only a small drop on the beak. Do this several times and let it set for 20 minutes. Do not drop directly into the beak for if the bird aspirates the liquid into its lungs it could die. Do this again every 20 minutes for 1 hour. If the bird has perked up.

You will then take 1/2 cup of dry dog food (after it has been put in a blender and blended finely), 2 cooked egg yolks (only) cooled and crumbled into the dry blended dog food and 1 tablespoon of fish food. Mix all together.

Take only a small amount of this mixture and put in enough warm water to make it like cream of wheat consistency. (put the rest of the mixture dry into the refrigerator) and offer a small amount to the bird with the tip of a straw.

Song birds must be fed every 30 minutes from 6am to 9pm. They are not at all like Raptors or other hardy birds, Because of the this we have a limited amount that we are able to take until we have enough volunteers to share the time sessions of feeding. So if you would like to volunteer during the spring and summer let us know.

Call the facility and leave a messge 815-629-2212. I am a nurse and when I get home I return all phone calls, as during 8am and 3pm the volunteers are caring for the wildlife we have already taken in.

Please remember we are not State or Federally Funded. We are supported soley by our programs, donations and volunteers, so please be patient. You will feel so honored after you help one of God's Creatures.

All Donations can be sent to "Hoo" Haven Wildlife and Educational Center, PO Box 594, Durand, IL 61024

Thank you
Karen RN,WLR
"Hoo" Haven


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