The names of places I give to purchase things is because I try to get the best bang for the back.

55 Gallon Garbage bags  (any where)
*Needed* Rabbit - Natural Paper Bedding  Wal-Mart
Meal Worms ( Farm and Fleet)
RetiCalcium    Wal-Mart
Bathroom Tissue
Windex Cleaner (any Brand)
Fire Place Lighter (Wal-Mart)  88 cents)
Liquid Laundry Soap  HE  We can not use anything but HE in the washer

Thank you for everything.

“Hoo” Haven Wildlife and Educational Center
Wish List

All Donations are greatly appreciated to help all God’s Creatures.

Large puppy pads (they work beautifully at the bottom of a hawk or owl pen)

Liquid Laundry Soap (HE)

TP  (the volunteers love it)

Paper Towels ( we go thru about 22 rolls a week)

30 gallon garbage bags

2 wire brushes

Hamster Food (for the Juvenile) squirrels)

Dawn Dish Soap
Dawn Scrub It  ( for doing dishes)

Unsalted nuts

All monies donated go to vet bills, medicine, special diets and more. 

Thank you all



This has been a slammed year. We have gone thru much. The top needed items on our list right now are Scrubbers for the dishes. We go thru about one every 5 days as we want them clean and nice to do the dishes.
Toilet paper and Paper Towels
Dry Dog Food: This is a bad year for foxes, opossums and more. Beneful and Purina Puppy Dog Food “Little Bites”
New wide Putty Knives. These are used to scrape poop off areas.
Large Puppy Pads.. These have been the greatest help for us, saving pens and labor. ………
Plain Bottle water for the volunteers bought at Menards for the best price.
3 Gallon Buckets: When you start carrying water, food, and more 3 gallons is a nice size at least for me.
Heavy duty gloves from Farm and Fleet (cheapest place 5-7 dollars)
See this list for up dates

Thank you for all who help.




This year has been a difficult year for many owls and hawks.  "Hoo" right now has over 40 birds of prey and that is alot of mouths to feed.

If anyone has deer meat in their freezer, you have extra chicken or turkey you would like to give we would be grateful.  Deer season in case you do not know does not start until October and you will all help us alot.
You can bring any and all meat either any morning between 9-12 or between 5-6pm

Thank you to all who want to help


Urgent Needowl-1-W

To all Medical people. You will understand what I
am talking about.
Instruments for surgery come wrapped in a blue paper usually 4 feet by 4 feet.
If you can get them for us we would very very much appreciate it. We use them alot for baby owls and baby hawks and we have alot. We do alot of of
Birds of Prey and they can not be outside for quite
a while. Please help. Everyone We can use 100's.

Wish List April

I have listed where you can buy them for the best price as we buy alot. 
All donations help us a great deal.

Make checks payable to Hoo Haven: 10823 Cleveland Road : Durand, IL 61024 or you can go to the "Helping Us" Page and use the donate button to donate by credit card or PayPal. We are a 501(c)3 which means we are tax deductible.
Thank you to all who give and support our mission.


Needed Desperately Bath Towels in Great Shape

Baby Season has started and we are in desperate need of nice bath towels. They go on the bottom of all the incubators and pens and can NOT have any strings or frayed edges.
If you would like to supply a soft bottom for a baby please call 815-629-2212 and I will advise you who to ask for when you bring them between 9-12 to "Hoo" Haven.
Thank you for caring about all the creatures of Mother Earth.