This Week


The Week of Hell

This has been quite a week of different animal intakes.  Of course, we had the beaver that was shot, but then we had Captain.

Captain is a Canadian goose who came from Round Lake.  She is a this year baby and small for her size, so she is about 5 months old.

Thanks to an entire block, who showed true Christian Beliefs, this little goose is thriving.  For those of you who are reading this and going, “Oh great, another goose,” you miss the whole heart of the story.   When anything, animal or human, is in need and people help, that is awesome.

Then there were some kids who hit this little thing with sticks before they were stopped and the police were called.

Wow, how macho you can be? Beat up, in a group no less, on an innocent animal.  It only proves you have no thought, and have not been taught respect of life.  How very sad for all of you.  You will truly not know the meaning of love.

Captain has been with us for a few days now and is quite comical in the fact that she has no fear of people, but she likes to be outside.  Also, like most of us, when I was trying to figure out what I might give her to make friends, I of course tried raw hamburger, strawberries, and more to no avail.   Then by accident, when I was going out to give a squirrel a cookie, she came running over and knew exactly what that was.   Just like us; we all like to be spoiled.

I often say to people if you look at “any  moment” and say only a “dog” only an “animal”.  You have missed it.

When people do those kinds of things to true innocence they do other things.

Thank you to all the people who love, forgive, help and show kindness, I hope if I ever need help  you are there for me.


4 pelicans at dinner time

The Summer Interns Leave for School

The three “Muskateers” Interns
The three “Muskateers” Interns

Elizabeth one of the summer interns with her cares for the summer.  PELICANS

Krista our head Intern and Royn our vet Intern taking Diva for a walk

The anamils recovering

Bowser is doing so well in the outdoor area.  It is helping his legs so much.

Independence is doing much better.  Here getting the bandage changed and medicine given.  She was badly injured but things are looking up.

Hoping another surgery is coming up to remove the pin and the healing is going well.   Will find out in a week.


Animal updates and Giving

Everyone please remember Birds of prey should not be on the ground for more than 30 minutes then if they do not move they need help. 

We have had 6 Great Horned Owls and Hawks brought in in the last 8 days, along with 3 Eagles and more.

Not everyone is there to pick up the animals or birds but for those who do Thank you for all who stop, bring out. 

From the individuals, DNR officers, the WCAS officers and the person going home from work.

Thank you for all who give monetarily.  Most now know we have NO government or State funding.  We are totally donation and volunteer run. 

Some cares need to go to vets; some require special medicine, physical therapy or diets.   Everyone can make a difference.  It does not matter if you give $5 or $500 it all helps and make a difference.

Hit PayPal or write a check 10823 Cleveland Road Durand IL and show you care and one person can make a difference.

Thank you all


Goal of Excellence

Hello to all the Wonderful and Devoted Followers, Supporters and Future Friends

As many of you are aware due to the excellent service and reputation that we have built up over the last 30 years, the demand for our services has increased 20 fold.  It is our mission to take in abandoned, injured, orphaned and sick North American Wildlife and with proper care which includes, vet, diet, physical therapy and support release  them all back into their natural habitat where they belong.
When we reach full capacity that is stated on our recorder and it stays that way until we have releases.  This must be done to give high quality care and support that is needed.  We are truly sorry to the wildlife that must wait and apologize for any inconvenience.    However it does no good to take in more than you can give excellent care for.

We provide this service at no expense to anyone.  We operate 100% on donations from those who love all God's Creatures and want to help make a difference.   We also are 100% volunteer run.

So if you would like to give and help support our mission all donations are appreciated.    Monetary helps purchase, medicine, vet care, supplies and certain diets that no one else can do.  

Our hours of operation are 6am to 6pm and at that time the phone shuts off so we are able to care for the wildlife we have and the ones taken in and give much needed treatments to.    At any given time we have between 65-120 animals and birds that need our care.
On behalf of Hoo Haven, all the Wildlife we help, all the volunteers that give of their time and all that already given  God Bless and Thank You.

Don't forget by shopping at Schnucks and signing your number on the back for Hoo Haven Schnucks will give to us.


You must have called about a squirrel or nest.

If you find a squirrel and nest on the ground first see if it is possible to put it in a basket and get a ladder and nail the basket about 6 feet up. Let's give mom a chance to come and move them. I never want a mom looking for her babies.
Give her all day atleast to see if she comes back. You must leave her alone. If by the end of the day she has not returned then you will need to put them in a box with a towel. Keep them warm, dry and call.
Do not let individuals handle them.



DeerWe have had more releases with more to come.  We are hoping this year to start the winter with around 50-60 animals. 

This has been a great year for animals to besquirl set free which is what we are going for as with every year.  The warmer weather allows us to keep going. 

May every have a great holiday season, but remember when you are warm with food, the animals may not be. possumPlease get a heated water dish and keep it filled.
Good nuts, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, corn and dog food  are good for all.

God Bless and have a great season


The Eagle Release at  LaSalle Power Plant




The Eagle Release at  LaSalle Power Plant went fantastic   With tall trees, water and hundreds of acres  for your dinner table we felt confident they will do well.   The older Eagle helping and teaching the younger one as they had bonded over the time they were at "Hoo" Haven.  

Organization Background: Hoo Haven has provided quality, licensed wildlife rehabilitation and education for 33 years. The facility cares for up to 850 animals each year and offers wildlife intensive care, orphan nursery, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service ‘Regional Eagle Recovery Center.’ In addition, Hoo Haven offers at least 150 outreach education programs to the community each year. Hoo Haven does not have a paid staff and is dependent on dedicated volunteers. Funding is entirely through donations and grants. Please visit their website ( if you would like more information on wildlife rehabilitation, education programs, donations or volunteer opportunities.

Burning 2015

Now is the season when everyone wants to make their yard look great. We rake up sticks, leaves and anything else's that comes with the rake. If you burn right then no problem.
If you wait a week adding to it you have now made a burn pile and a "home for animals" to have their babies. Those babies cannot run out when you light it on fire. Trust me it is an ugly site for you and for us.
Please if you are going to burn do it that day. If you cannot make sure you move the burn pile at least 5 feet to ensure nothing but trees andleaves gets burned.

All the babies thank you.

Hummingbirds and their care if you find one

Hummingbirds:   This year we have done a lot of Hummingbirds thanks to all of you who find them  and get them to us quickly.   There are several important things about hummingbirds that make them different.
They must be kept  very warm 98 degrees and they must be able to eat  every 10 minutes or they will die.
They have such a very high metabolism   they MUST be kept warm and have access to a sugar solution.
The 1 cup of warm water with a 1/4 cup of sugar mixed together so all is melted works well.    They cannot be able to fall in it or get wet or they will die.  A syringe or hummingbird feeder works well.
We will always take Hummingbirds so call and get them to us as quickly as possible

Foxes and Coyotes 2015

If you have a fox or coyote with an injury, it is orphaned or has a skin problem again time is of the essence.
We do loan out   traps so that you can catch it.  Please remember with all the wildlife we do we cannot go out and catch anymore.  The other things is you see the animal, you know when it comes to your area so your chances of catching it are better without it sitting in a trap for longer than it should. 
Call us and we will help you with what to put in the trap and then you can bring it out to "Hoo" Haven. 

Once we get them we are responsible for  special food, medicine, vet care and a new place to live unless you want them back and some do.

With the encroachment of people and progress all wildlife must be able to bend and live where they can or there will not be wildlife for the next generation.  If we all help, share  and remember we are all in this together it will work.






Believe it or not baby season is around the corner.  So I will like to send some tips. 
First make sure it is orphaned.  We do not want to leave a mother without her babies.
Second is there anything you can do.  For instance  be careful when you burn.  Rabbits are great ones to have their babies in wood, grass or leaf piles.  When they are burned it is very difficult to save them. 
If you get a tree trimmed or cut down and there is a nest with baby squirrels in it.   Immediately set the nest within feet of a piece of the tree and leave them alone for about an hour.  The mom will and wants to come back and move them.
If after all you have decided they are squirles2


orphaned please do not leave them on the ground or in the wet.  Put them in a box with a warm dry towel.  Bring them in the house and if you must do anything give them some sugar water and call Hoo Haven.  Please remember I am a nurse and will call you back after 4PM. Thank you to all of you who care about all God’s Creatures and go the extra mile.



When I was young my father always took us on rides in the country.  You would see fence rows and on each side there was weeds of all kinds along with wildflowers.  Each side of the fence was about 3 feet.   Ever wonder where a lot of the pheasants, smaller birds and small animals live. 
Now it seems  that is all gone along with all the trees.  One on Mother Natures “greatest” resource.  It helps prevent erosion, it helps keep the temperature of Mother hawkEarth, along with watch spots for hawks and owls some of the farmer greatest friends for keeping the rodents done on their crops. 
We try so hard to do things when mother earth has already helped us.  Please let us all remember we only rent the land when we are down here and I hope we will be good stewards.  Let us leave another generation with butterflies to see in milkweed plants seen along fields, green grass, trees for Mother Nature to blossom in.
I do not know about you but a world without flowers, trees and wildlife would be awfully dull.  Also remember when we hurt one thing we hurt everything it is a domino affect. PROGRAMS All of us at Hoo this year are getting really excited.  Requests are coming in and we have three new birds
We have Ray our Gyr Falcon, which is the largest falcon.
We have Casper and Echo our two new Barn Owls and then we have of course “MarshMellow” our Pelican and all the others.
Call soon, book early.









We are so glad for the surgery room. Steven is looking at a tumor that was removed from this owl's foot. It is doing well.


Karen & Hummer

Several weeks ago after one of the storms we received our youngest and littlest “hummingbird” ever.  She was so tiny, but slowly with the incubator keeping her very warm and good food she grew.  She started to sing and fly around and because of their high energy level they require constant feeding. 
She continued to grow and fly beautifully and this week we let her go.  She has honored me twice with coming back and allowing me to feed her and pet her.  Anyone who does not know of “Hoo” can not appreciate the work that is done.
As she now flies back and forth with 2 others make all of this worth while.   Hummer got a second chance and has done well.


Spring has arrived and it’s a beautiful time of the year for Hoo Haven. During the months of April and May, we release many animals that are ready to go and we also get in lots of babies.
So far in April we have had the joy of releasing the followingbabyfox animals:
Screech owls
Kestrel Hawks
Barred owls
Eagle …Peace was released April 14th after being shot in Hennepin, Il in Oct. 2011

We have also received the following babies:

4 Baby Great Horned Owls
4 Baby squirrels
4 Baby bunnies
1 Baby barred owl
1 Baby fox


bboDuring this time we often get in very small fawns picked up by people with very big hearts. However, most of the time, these fawns were uninjured and the parent wasn’t far off. Please, if you see a baby laying on the side of the road, watch it for 10 hours and if the baby is still there then pick it up and bring it to Hoo Haven but most of the time, mama will have returned from grazing during that time and taken her baby with her.

Fact or Fiction?  If you touch a baby bird, squirrel, or bunny, the mama won’t take it back.

Fiction! Mama wants her baby back no matter what. If you find a baby bird on the ground it has probably blown or fallen from a nest. If you can see the nest and are able to reach it, put the baby back. If you cannot reach the nest, and the baby is big enough to walk, put a board against the tree and let the baby walk up the board. Mom will then come down and help the baby the rest of the way. If the baby is too small to walk on its own, put it in a small basket and bungee it to the tree and Mom will come get it or take care of it there. If you upset a rabbit’s nest in your yard and there are babies in it, put the babies back in the nest, cover it with leaves, etc. or you can even use a wheelbarrow upside down and leave the babies alone. As soon as they have their eyes open and can eat on their own, Mama lets them go. Bringing them to Hoo Haven reduces their chance of survival as no one can replace the mom.