The Solar System is online

There is a large black cloud rising above “Hoo” Haven. It is the new Photo Voltaic Green Energy System. The system is going to generate electricity to help “Hoo” Haven with their electric bill. It started with a lot of people working on a grant which was accepted by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Grant Program. The equipment was ordered and received. Steve’s shop was a busy place as he cut and welded the aluminum frame and supports that were to hold the panels.

Next the frame is assembled on the edge of the shop roof. The frame is attached so it does not require holes in the roof to mount and it can be pivoted to the desired angle to the sun, in order to collect the most sunlight.

Next the panels are inserted and wired

Finally the wires are brought back to the Inverter which is the heart of the system. It takes the DC voltage from the panel and converts it to 240 volt AC, with an exact match for the 60 Cycle that Commonwealth Edison supplies. It also protects the people working on the system, if the AC power from ComEd is interrupted it will shut down right away in order not to put power on a system thought to be down. In the future the inverter will keep track of the power generated and will give us tracking and graphing on the website in real time.