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Thank You so much for supporting the Animals.
Karen & Steve Herdklotz

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Our annual open house was a huge success.  We had new and different things this year which we try and do.

Everyone loved our Blue Grass Band “Bourbon Junction” and the way we had picnic tables set out so all could eat, listen and yes enjoy the sunshine.

Everyone loved the new siding on our Educational Pen, seeing 5 Bald Eagles and more.

Our Chili cook off was a huge success and “Bobbie” was our winner with none left at 4pm.

The Girl Scouts did an awesome job directing people where they wanted to be.  Then the other group had crafts which was a total success.

As always we had face painting and our escape room which were both back by popular demand.
We had a coot and baby woodchuck that everyone loved.

Many took pictures of Captain Jack and some of the other birds that came out.

It warms the hearts of everyone at Hoo to see all the support from the community.

Thank you all that attended.

Karen, Hoo

A Tribute To “Snuggles”z

With pain in my heart but peace, I need to tell all of you that, in the early hours of this morning “Snuggle” passed away. 
She was resting comfortably on her towel on my kitchen floor.  Yesterday she had played outside in her wheel chair enjoying the sun.  Then after she was brought in she ate her usual dinner of hamburger plus.
While I sat and petted her  this morning I was glad for all “Hoo” had done for her.   I was so glad that  all of you had been there to help her with “Hoo” to  have a good life at the end.
For those who did not get to see her she was so proud and hot when she sat in her wheel chair and making herself go with her prosthetic.
I tell individuals who call if they have dropped off something to find out how it is, that if it passed at least it was loved, warm and fed.   I believe we would all like to pass like that.
She brought so many individuals together here and all over to one common goal of helping Snuggles who touched so many lives.    It not only helped her, but all who gave and all the hearts at “Hoo”.

Thank you to all of you and God Bless all who helped.

“Hoo” Haven is dedicated to rehabilitating and releasing, sick, injured and orphaned, North American Wildlife. And to educating individuals to the importance of the conservation of Mother Earth, to maintain the land, clean and beautiful for all.

Independence is Recovering

Independence at Hillcrest having his pin removed

Sleep well while we do this.

Wine Tasting Event

The Wine Tasting Event of April 6th was a fantastic success.  We had over 110 individuals who came  to show their support of Hoo, our work and Captain Jack. 
The event raised a little over $7000.  The Zavius Jewelry raised over $1200 by itself.  
There was Shirts, Jewelry and pictures to buy and more.  We had many individuals watching from the windows to watch the event.  Prairie Street Brew House was awesome and very attentive to all our needs.  If you ever want to hold something it is a great place.
For all that missed it this year, maybe we will see you  next year.   We have already been asked if we will please hold another.
I hope everyone enjoys the photos.  This is just a small sample of the good time had by all. 

Karen and Steven
“Hoo” Haven





eagle-1s   hawk

WE have had 3 Eagles, 6 Great Horned Owls and Hawks brought in the last 8 Days.
Help us feed them, click on the Eagle above and donate to help us cover the feed and Vet bills for the birds and mammals brought in daily.




.A Loon taking advantage of Hoo Havens Aquatic Area.


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Eagle Scout

Here is Calab Benson and his grandfather Charels.  Calab did a great job on his Eagle Scout Project.  We now have a map of "Hoo" and all the buildings have signs.  He and his grandfather did a great job.

He is from Troop 23.

Great Job.